How we should use a toner on face?

What is toner ? Toner banefits

Facial toner is usually used in makeup. You should use toner after wash your face and then apply serum or moisturizer and after this apply toner on your face. These days naturally based toner is because necessary for skincare. They are make without naturally process in which includes different categories of flowers and other natural ingredients which is very helpfull for our skin.There are lots of benefits of toner for our skinLet’s see what they are and How much this useful for our skin ?

Let’s know benefits of toner

toner help to remove last bit of makeup Usually bits of makeup dirt and other dust particles may be left behind. Where toner work well to get rid of these things. This became your skin clear completely and became ready for rest follow for products to skincare.

Always Get Rid of Pores

A skincare of toner will help to minimize pores. If you daily use toner for skin care it will help to shrink the size of pores . It also helped remove toxins ,oil , dust, and give your skin smoothy feeling.

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Hydrate Your Skin

Toner is made with hydrating ingredients which help to maintain moisture in our skin. if you use it daily routine your skin become more absorbent and more healthier. Usually people’s use toner for give moisture and nourishment to skin.

For maintain the pH level

Usually when we use soaps or cleansers our skin. some of us get experienced dry skin because in cleaners found some types of ingredients which decrease the pH level of our skin. Due to this reason best way to get moisturized our skin is toner. Toner always kept our skin moisturiz and nourishing.

Acne and pimples say goodbye forever

When you use toner in your daily routine. It will help to remove dust, oil, and also help to sized the pores . Always keep your skin moisturiz due to this acne and pimples never build.

Toner is the best way for manage your skin. Regular use of toner became your skin healthier shiner. Always select toner according to your skin . When you select good quality of toner always avoid from chemical or irratiting based products.

How to use a toner ?

Step 1. Cleansing your face with best mosturized cleanser.

Step 2. After clean your face take a cotton ball and wipe gently your face .

Step 3. Take a few drops of toner on your palm and press it all over of your face.

If you get best result from toner use twice a day. Use toner after cleansing your face . Before apply toner on your face always follow skincare products like serum or moisturizer.

How to choose a best quality toner ?


Alcohol is very harmful for our skin because due to presence of alcohol our skin become dry. So always avoid a toner in which alcohol is present.


In which toner parabens are present don’t buy this and use this product because these are very toxic for skin and don’t absorb by skin. You should use toner every day because it will help for give shine your skin help in set your makeup .keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.

Which time should be use a skin toner?

You can use toner morning and evening routine.Regular use of toner will help to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. You should use toner when your face cleaned completely. If you want to use toner for your skin this is the right to use it .

What is the main purpose of a facial toner?

.facial toner have main purpose with benefits
.Cleansers can disrupt the skin’s natural pH, and toners help restore it to its optimal level.
.Toners can help remove any traces of makeup, dirt, or oil that may have been missed during cleansing.
.Some toners have astringent properties that can help minimize the appearance of pores.
.Many toners contain moisturizing ingredients that provide a boost of hydration to the skin.

how can I use a facial toner?

.Facial toners are typically applied after cleansing the face. Here’s are the process:
.Cleanse your face before using a gentle cleanser.
.Pour a small amount of toner onto a cotton pad if youcan on your hands.
Gently swipe the toner over your face around neck, also avoiding the eye area.
.Allow the toner to dry naturally .
.Follow up with your regular moisturizer with other skincare products.

is facial toners can be used on all skin types?

Facial toners are available in all different formulations for various skin types. There are toners for dry, oily, combination, and all type of skin. It’s necessary to choose a toner that suits your specific skin type.

Are toners essential for a skincare routine?

toners are not necessary for everyone If you have specific skin types like oily skin, large pores, or uneven skin tone, a toner may help to get rid of those issues. if you have sensitive or dry skin, it’s important to choose a good toner that avoid moisture.

is toners can replace moisturizers from skin ?

Facial toners are not meant to replace moisturizers. they provide a level of hydration, they usually have lighter formulations and do not provide the same level of moisture and nourishment asmoisturizers. It’s follow up with a moisturizer after applying a toner to lock in hydration and usually keep the skin moisturized.